With the first full year of operations under its belt, the CAPPADOCIA Consortium has conducted a successful two-days Annual progress meeting, on the 16th and 17th of October 2014, in Brussels at the NLR premises. The meeting was chaired by the Coordinator of the project (Efficient Innovation—Mr. Fabien Marty) and was attended by representatives of all individual entities involved in this Coordination and Support Action.
As originally planned, this 12-months steering committee meeting focused on presenting an overview of the main activities and progress performed during the first year of the project’s duration, as well as on discussing and planning the next steps to be made throughout the upcoming months. Furthermore, part of the meeting was dedicated to the finalization of the WP1 (“CAPPADOCIA multidimensional methodological approach and strategic recommendations reporting”) and WP3 (“Impact assessment of relevant past and ongoing EC-funded projects”) pending deliverables as well as to the re-scheduling of the project’s overall activities for the upcoming year (in the frame of WP5: “Management of the project”).
During the meeting, all participants agreed that the overall progress of the CAPPADOCIA project could be regarded as rather satisfactory since only a few actions were identified with low impact on project progression and planning. Moreover, in general, all participants were content with the constructive discussions took place and the significant emerging results of the meeting.
Finally, it is worth noting that some initial thoughts were expressed concerning the form of the next CAPPADOCIA face to face meeting, which is planned to be held during the first half of 2015.