Having completed two full years of operation and aiming at delivering a comprehensive, coherent and well-articulated recommendations report to be provided to the European Commission and ACARE, the CAPPADOCIA Consortium has conducted a successful two-days writing session, on the 3rd and 4th of December 2015, in Madrid – Spain, at the Aernnova facilities. The meeting was chaired by the Coordinator of the project (Efficient Innovation) and was attended by all WP Leaders and the vast majority of project partners.
As originally planned, the first day of the session was devoted to the compilation of previously identified and collected materials into the proposed structure of the CAPPADOCIA 2nd Year Recommendations Report. Prior to this face-to-face meeting, a series of WEBEX meetings had taken place, with the participation of the entire consortium, for the preparation of the relevant materials and for organizing the expected contributions from each consortium member. The CAPPADOCIA partners exchanged information on a continuous elaboration process through dedicated Workshops, meetings, interviews and questionnaires.
During the second day of this dedicated writing session a final review of the 2nd Year Recommendations Report took place, making sure that the produced document is fully consensual and fully representative of the Aeronautics and Air Transport sectors. Also, the CAPPADOCIA partners exploited this gathering by conducting a 24Months General Assembly meeting whereby an overview of the main activities, achievements and progress performed during the second year of the project was presented, as well as the next steps to be made throughout the upcoming months were discussed and planned ahead.