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MASCA (MAnaging System Change in Aviation)

Concept and Objectives: In response to the FP7 Transport Call 3, AREA (Air Transport system operational cost), Topic AAT.2010.4.3-4. (Human factors), MASCA proposes to deliver a structure to manage the acquisition and retention of skills and knowledge, through training …

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NOVEMOR – Novel Air Vehicles Configurations: From Fluttering Wings to Morphing Flight

Concept and Objectives: The aim of the NOVEMOR (NOvel Air VEhicle Configurations: From Fluttering Wings to MORphing Flight) research project is to investigate novel air vehicle configurations with new lifting concepts and morphing wing solutions to enable cost-effective air transportation. …

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OPENAIR – OPtimisation for low Environmental Noise impact AIRcraft

Concept and Objectives: Reducing noise from aircraft operations perceived by airport neighbouring communities is a major challenge facing the aircraft manufacturing industry, social society and the air transport business. By adopting a whole aircraft approach based on the latest developments …

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QUICOM (Quantitative Inspection of Complex Composite Aeronautic Parts Using Advanced X-ray Techniques)

Concept and Objectives: Within the past decades, a clear trend formed within the aeronautic industry of constantly driving industrial research towards new tailored materials as well as cost-effective, function-oriented, highly integrated and light-weight components. The driving forces behind this trend …

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RECEPT – RECEPTivity and amplitude-based transition prediction

Concept and Objectives: “The RECEPT project will deliver upstream aerodynamics research that will contribute (i) to the drive to strengthen the competitiveness of European manufacturing industry, (ii) to the need to improve the environmental impact of aircraft with regards to …

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SAFAR (Small Aircraft Future Avionics Architecture)

Concept and Objectives: The long-term, ultimate goal of the consortium carrying out this project is to introduce new and innovative technologies into the small aircraft aviation segment; everything from avionics, navigation up to aircraft manufacturing. This will be a completely …

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SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures)

Concept and Objectives: SARISTU (Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures) is a level 2, large-scale integrating project which aims at achieving reductions in aircraft weight and operational costs, as well as an improvement in the flight profile specific aerodynamic performance. The project …

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SCARLETT – SCAlable & ReconfigurabLe Electronics plaTforms and Tools

Concept and Objectives: The first generation of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA1G) has been researched via European funded research projects; PAMELA, NEVADA and VICTORIA. This technology supported a revolutionary step away from federated architectures and their classical bespoke electronics to a …

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605414.

CAPPADOCIA focuses on research activities that address solely or mainly ACARE's SRIA goal of Cost-efficiency in Aeronautics and Air Transport.