Concept and Objectives:

In response to the FP7 Transport Call 3, AREA (Air Transport system operational cost), Topic AAT.2010.4.3-4. (Human factors), MASCA proposes to deliver a structure to manage the acquisition and retention of skills and knowledge, through training on organisational processes for managing organisational change in the ‘whole air transport system’. Different stakeholders in a common operational system (airlines, airports, maintenance companies, etc.) will come together to change the shared operational system to deliver a better service. An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and software designer will offer technology solutions which support a more effective integrated operational.

This requires the participating companies to develop and maintain new skills and knowledge in change management. MASCA will develop the ‘concepts and techniques’ which can develop, manage, and support the effective deployment of these skills and knowledge in the management of change.

The workprogramme takes an action research approach with a primary focus on the transfer of change management capability into the organisations that are responsible for and involved in change. It is organised in 7 workpackages to deliver two complementary objectives:

– The development of a system to deploy an integrated change management capability (Change Management System – CMS)

– The deployment and evaluation of the CMS in selected change management initiatives, both simulated and actual.

The MASCA consortium covers the right range and balance of partners to address the ‘whole air transport system’, airlines (SAS and Eurofly) include flight, maintenance and ground operations companies, airport authority (Arlanda), OEM (Thales Avionics) a world leader in aircraft technologies, universities (TCD, KTH), research organisation (NLR), and an SME (KITE) with a strong profile in technology and human factors services to aviation. The eight partners represent five European countries.

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