Expected Impact

CAPPADOCIA will enhance the coherence of strategic research policy making, impact assessment and dissemination in the field of aeronautics and air transport. CAPPADOCIA will focus on the Cost Efficiency domain and coordinate with the other three CSAs-funded by the addressed call to widen the coherence to the whole field of Aeronautics and Air Transport.

Steps needed to bring about these impacts

To achieve the coherence of strategic research policy making in the Cost Efficiency domain the following steps are needed and followed by CAPPADOCIA:

  • Development of a coherent methodology (the CAPPADOCIA methodology) to identify the state of the art in the Cost Efficiency domain in terms of capacity and main performers on a yearly basis and to gather the scientific and industrial community in the Cost Efficiency domain in order to obtain their views with respect to the gaps in the research landscape, the bottlenecks to innovations and recommendations for future strategic actions
  • Implementation of the CAPPADOCIA methodology on a yearly basis
  • Provide recommendations for coherent strategic actions based on the views obtained from the scientific and industrial community, validated with this community through Advisory Boards representing industry, research establishments, and academics

In the CAPPADOCIA multidimensional methodology the relation with strategic publications (such as the SRIA and FlightPath2050) will be taken into account. Thus a thorough approach will be followed to come to coherent recommendations for strategic actions which could thereby strongly impact coherent strategic research policy in the Cost Efficiency domain. To further ensure this looked for coherence, CAPPADOCIA is carried out by partners representing industry, research establishments, and academics.

In this sense the timing of CAPPADOCIA is very adequate; it will start from the FP7 breaching into H2020. Therefore it is expected that with the incorporation of the CAPPADOCIA related FP7 lessons learned, the impacts of a successful CAPPADOCIA project will consist on a more efficient and focused R&T efforts in H2020, both from companies and the EU. The CAPPADOCIA action will then through interviews and dissemination communications, reach European R&T players and indirectly contribute to H2020 future success.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605414.

CAPPADOCIA focuses on research activities that address solely or mainly ACARE's SRIA goal of Cost-efficiency in Aeronautics and Air Transport.