WP4: CAPPADOCIA Management Information System and Dissemination, Coordination of Dissemination activities

Lead by: EASN-TIS

Overview and main objectives

Work Package 4 (WP4 hereafter) WP4 will mainly promote the broad and effective dissemination and sustainability of the CAPPADOCIA achievements among and beyond the members of the CAPPADOCIA consortium, as well as towards the relevant communities and organized stakeholders, including ACARE. CAPPADOCIA will implement its proper dissemination strategy through its own Management Information System (i.e. website, data base) and communication tools (newsletter, brochure, leaflet etc.). When relevant and cost efficient, a common coordination of dissemination events (e.g. independent workshops or dedicated sessions within existing large events) will be held with the other CSAs-funded of the call. Interactive communication mechanism of information exchange as well as common dissemination activities will also be greatly encouraged with ongoing FP7 and upcoming H2020 funded cost efficiency projects.

Related Activities

The importance of communicating the CAPPADOCIA results and achievements to the scientific community and the general public, as often stressed by the European Commission, will be among the project’s foremost priorities and several actions and mechanisms will be put in place to achieve this imperative objective:

Task 1: CAPPADOCIA Management Information System and general communication plan

To achieve the abovementioned objectives, the CAPPADOCIA public website has been first developed and will be constantly updated by EASN-TIS throughout the entire project duration. The website includes, among others, information about the CAPPADOCIA project, its structure, main objectives and major outcomes. Also, a centralized database will be shortly included in it, providing public information in a comprehensive manner, on assessed FP7 and H2020 cost efficiency related projects (including a short description of these projects together with their respective link). Additionally, a CAPPADOCIA private data base, devoted to the compilation of the state of the art and impact assessment information gathered throughout the face-to-face interviews, web surveys, questionnaires and workshops will also be prepared.

Moreover, CAPPADOCIA leaflets will be designed and printed early on in the project. All partners will receive paper and electronic copies of these leaflets to distribute at their home institutes as well as to their respective Aeronautics and Air transport communities. Information about the CAPPADOCIA project and its progress will also be included in a periodic newsletter to be published on a semester basis in an electronic format. Furthermore, an annual reader-friendly CAPPADOCIA brochure will be published, presenting the state of the art and assessment results, including strategic recommendations, of approximately 20 EU-funded projects analysed per year.

Task 2: Dissemination and Coordination with the other three CSAs-funded (from the same call)

A number of workshops, international conferences and other relevant events, among them the Aerodays conference, the Paris, Berlin and Farnborough Air shows, ASD convention, EASN conferences etc., present great opportunities to disseminate and discuss the CAPPADOCIA results with other members of the Aeronautics and Air Transport scientific community active in the cost efficiency field, but not directly involved in the project.

The close collaboration with the other CSAs-funded within the same call (i.e. CATER, OPTICS, FORUM A.E.) is a significant objective of CAPPADOCIA thus, the common participation to such events with the three sister CSAs will be greatly encouraged. Finally, at least one common workshop per year could be foreseen.

Task 3: Dissemination coordination with FP7 and H2020 funded cost efficiency related projects

Interaction with FP7 and H2020 cost efficiency related projects is another major objective of CAPPADOCIA. Accordingly, contacts will be established with those projects’ consortia in an attempt to initiate an interactive communication mechanism of information exchange as well as common dissemination activities.

Task 4: Sustainability Action Plan

CAPPADOCIA will propose a sustainability action plan devoted to the continuation of the project after its EC contractual duration. This action plan’s main objective will be to enable the CAPPADOCIA generated web-based information to remain available to the public while pursuing further exploitation routes for the project results such as its strategic reports.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605414.

CAPPADOCIA focuses on research activities that address solely or mainly ACARE's SRIA goal of Cost-efficiency in Aeronautics and Air Transport.