WP5: Management of the project


Overview and main objectives

Work Package 5 (WP5 hereafter) aims at ensuring the correct and effective overall management and coordination of the project, including all the coordination activities in relation to the European Commission, as well as the inter-coordination with the three other CSAs of the call (CATER, OPTICS, FORUM A.E.).

Related Activities

The CAPPADOCIA coordinator will be responsible, among others, for the administrative, financial coordination and day-to-day management of the project.

Task 1: Overall inter-coordination of CAPPADOCIA with the 3 other CSAs

The coordinator will be involved in the follow-up and implementation of the project in line with the commonalities that will be agreed for the 4 CSAs of the call. Therefore, in order to ensure such overall coordination, coherence and consistency among the 4 CSAs, the CAPPADOCIA coordinator will facilitate easy contact with targeted stakeholders (e.g. ACARE, IMG4), be actively involved within common dissemination as well as will participate to the “Coordinator board meetings”.

Task 2: CAPPADOCIA consortium management

The coordinator will be in charge of the implementation of the project in accordance with the Grant Agreement and Consortium agreement disposals. In this context, numerous activities are specified within this task, such as the establishment of project management methods and tools, monitoring of all administrative issues, organization of the project meetings, coordination of the timely production of the deliverables etc.

Task 3: Financial management

The coordinator will monitor the general budget of all partners and Advisory Board members’ reimbursement and managing the project various activities’ budget; receive and distribute the EC funding instalments as well as collect and provide to the Commission all the requested periodic reports.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605414.

CAPPADOCIA focuses on research activities that address solely or mainly ACARE's SRIA goal of Cost-efficiency in Aeronautics and Air Transport.